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Secure assets with your biometrics

Multi-Biometric Authentication

Create your unique Bio-key with your face and voice.

What happens to my biometric data in ParallelWallet?

Instead of keeping the captured data in comprehensible formats that can be reverse-engineered to reveal the original files, ParallelWallet goes through a rigorous process to convert your biometrics into unique mathematical derivations, then further encrypts and scrambles the data to make it completely irreversible within and outside ParallelWallet.

Take full control over your own privacy

Your Wallet, Your Blockchain

Your biometrics data and everything that happens in the wallet are stored in your personal ParallelChain - you decide what stays and what leaves. This is how it feels to be in control of your data and privacy.

Multiple Blockchain Support

Other than XPLL, you can send and receive BTC, ETH and a range of ERC20 tokens with ParallelWallet.

ParallelChain's Native Wallet

View the live status of ParallelChain Mainnet or track the performance of XPLL across different exchanges.

Manage Your Stakes & Rewards

Use the staking dashboard to manage your staked XPLL, monitor pool performance, and track your rewards at any stage.

Offline Wallet Backup

Create backup of your ParallelWallet data and store it securely offline to protect against data loss or device failure.

Deadman's Switch

A "deadman's switch" mechanism that enables automated transfer of assets to designated beneficiaries when the user becomes inactive for a specified period (e.g., due to death or lost access).

Your Rights to be Forgotten Matters

You own your data. ParallelWallet is the only blockchain wallet that offers users GDPR-level data protection and privacy.

ParallelChain News

Stay up-to-date with the news and developments of ParallelChain.

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