Case 1: Data Security
Case 2: Backup & Recovery
Why Blockchain
Case 1: Data Security

Safeguard your data against the inherent risks of digital transformation.

Digital transformation brings companies an unprecedented wealth of data with the potential to reveal invaluable business insights. However, this growing importance of data also comes with heightened risks associated with data integrity, unauthorized access, and information exposure.

This is where Intra steps in - a powerful enterprise-grade data security suite that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. It utilizes cutting-edge blockchain and biometric technologies to provide a robust and comprehensive data infrastructure for end-to-end data integrity and protection against insider threats.

How would you guard your data with ParallelChain Intra?
Intra Data Security Diagram
Case 2: Backup & Recovery

Resilient recovery + backup for latency-critical cloud applications.


For safety-critical applications, such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, and fraud detection, every millisecond counts. It isn'st just about defending against external cybersecurity threats; it's also about strengthening the infrastructure, whether it is Cloud or Edge, from within.

Intra secures latency-critical operations from data loss and business interruption, with real-time back up, instant recovery, and proactive insider threat prevention.

Intra Backup and Recovery Diagram

Upgrade your data infrastructure with blockchain.

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Fail-safe data recovery and accessibility

Ultra-low latency at scale

Solid, immutable foundation for auditable data integrity

Data compliance while ensuring transparent, auditable transactions

Permissioned deployment to maintain sole control over private data

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