Deployment Models


Effortless integration of blockchain and AI capabilities into your operations, with high scalability, flexibility, and no infrastructure management overhead.


In On-Chain deployment, the software is powered by the ParallelChain Enterprise blockchain, it is suitable for applications where transparency, trust, and direct interaction with the blockchain are crucial, such as digital assets and supply chain management.


We know, adopting new technology takes a leap of faith. our enterprise solutions can be deployed with or without blockchain integration. If you are not sure whether or how blockchain is the right solution for you - have a chat with us!

Custom Solution

Our technologies function like versatile Lego bricks, they can mix and match to create new, custom solutions that precisely address your specific challenges and opportunities.

Enterprise Technology Consulting

We assist businesses in optimising their technology infrastructure and digital strategies by providing in-depth assessment on existing systems and leveraging the emerging technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence in areas for improvement and innovation.

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