into programmable money.

Tokenisation Suite is an enterprise-grade digital asset solution that facilitates the digitalization of tangible assets.

Unleash new business possibilities with the suite’s collection of blockchain and AI tools that encompass every facet of your tokenisation journey.

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Why Blockchain

Redefine the scope of what can be monetized.

Tokenise anything, unlock fractional ownership models - from hard assets such as land and collectibles, to intangible assets such as vouchers, loyalty points, carbon credits, intellectual properties...

Forge new revenue streams and deeper customer loyalty.


Architect your own digital economy

Fuel your products and services ecosystem with a bespoke economic model designed to cultivate sustainable value streams.

Turn every interaction into a valuable transaction while enhancing customer engagement.

Embed your business logics directly into the tokens on ParallelChain.

Full lifecycle solution for your tokenisation project.

A centralised platform with an end-to-end approach that simplifies internal operations -- from tokenising assets, onboarding users, facilitating and monitoring transactions, to customer support and relationship management.


Built for regulated businesses.

Integrated security and compliance features to safeguard user data and digital assets, empowering enterprises to lead the industry with cutting-edge, modern products that are also trusted and reliable.

Apps Ecosystem
A one-stop hub that orchestrates and optimizes your digital asset processes.
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Make your project accessible worldwide with ParallelChain.

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Global-scale operation with frictionless cross-border transactions.

Seamless interoperability with partner projects and ecosystems.

Flexible, automated enforcement of compliance protocols.

Complete digital asset provenance and tamper-resistant audit trail.

Robust digital identity infrastructure for web3-native digital engagement.

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